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What Should A RV Storage Facility In NE Calgary Have?

When it comes to storing your RV in storage, you shouldn’t just go anywhere to drop it off. You need to find a storage facility that offers you everything you need to ensure that your RV is safe, secure, clean and given the required care. But how do you find a place that offers all this? What should you be looking for? 

Here is what you should be on the lookout for when it comes to an RV storage facility in NE Calgary

5 Things That Your RV Storage Facility In NE Calgary Should Have 

Full-Time Attendant On-Site 

While there are plenty of security measures at an RV storage site, it doesn’t pale in comparison to having a full-time attendant on-site, making sure that everything is running smoothly. This professional will check the RVs, monitor the facility and ensures that everything is running as it should be. They’ll also be conducting check-ups on security and possibly doing maintenance services (or bringing in the team that does). It’s a full-time gig that adds more value to the facility. 

Security Measures 

Having a guy standing at the gate isn’t enough protection for your RV. You want multiple layers of security. So when looking for an RV storage facility, make sure that the location is well-lit and fenced. Bright lights deter thefts, and the fence ensures that break-ins are challenging to do. That’s the first layer of security. 

Secondly, make sure that the facility has a PTI security system, mobile security gate solutions, and complete video surveillance so that your RV is guarded at all times. If anything happens, there will be video footage of it. 

Thirdly, you want to make sure that not anyone can just walk into the RV storage site where your vehicle is held. You want a level of security that ensures that you get protection. It’s why you have to look for an RV storage facility in NE Calgary that offers 24/7 keycode access entry. You’ll have a code that allows you to enter the facility to check on your RV whenever you want too. It adds a layer of protection that you will want for your RV. 

Convenient location

Look to see where the RV storage in Calgary is located. You don’t want it to be too far from your home and the open highway. You want a perfect balance, where you can immediately hit the road to travel, and if you need to do anything to your RV, you’re right there. 

The Facility Stores More Than RVs

Many people that own an RV tend to owe something extra on the side, such as a boat or a personal vehicle. Whether you’re out with the RV travelling or need to lock it up for the winter months, it is good to know if the RV storage facility can store boats, trailers and personal vehicles as well. 

It means if you ever need coverage for your boat, trailer or vehicle, you can get it from the facility. You will also be privy to all the benefits of storing it there, just as you would if you stored your RV. In the case of your boat storage in NE Calgary, you can even get winterization and cleaning services. 

Maintenance Services 

One added benefit that you should look for when it comes to ensuring that your RV is well-guarded from critters and optimal to run is to see if the facility offers any maintenance services. Pests can hide inside your RV, dust can accumulate, and when it comes to dumping out your waste, you want to know if the location has it set-up for you. 

boat storage in NE Calgary

Look for a storage facility that offers:

  • Pest control services 
  • Additional winterization and cleaning services
  • Has an-site air compressor
  • Garbage and recycling 
  • Provides clean and dust-free parking spaces 
  • Offers a portable water hookup
  • Even provides sewer and sanitary dumping. 

The more services they offer, the better for your RV, boat or vehicle. 

While it might seem like a lot to find, but the more security the facility offers, the better the service and the more maintenance amenities they offer, the better the facility will be for your RV. Take your time and find the right RV storage facility in NE Calgary for you. 

Stow-Away RV Storage is Calgary’s premier RV storage location. Located just off Stoney and Deerfoot Trails, we have the space, and most importantly, the security to ensure that your RV is safe. We provide extra precautions to ensure that only you can access your RV, thanks to your personalized 24/7 card access. Our well-lite location is dust-free, with asphalt concrete parking, guaranteeing that your RV will always remain in top condition. With the best and most affordable prices in Calgary, we have everything you need. Call us today on (587) 438-3304.

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