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How to Winterize Your RV

If this is your first RV, you shouldn’t make the mistake of keeping it out in the cold, especially during the freezing Calgary winter. It can be quite damaging to your campervan, leaving you to suffer the consequences when you take it for a drive. Thankfully, if you take these few steps before tucking your vehicle away in an RV storage facility in NE Calgary, you can protect it throughout the winter. 

7 Steps To Winterize Your RV 

1. Remove the batteries 

Winter is the worse enemy for your battery, as the cold can cause them to freeze. So the best step is to remove your battery before winter kicks off. Disconnect it and store it in a warm, dry spot. This way, you can protect them and make sure they’re ready to go come springtime. 

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2. Clean and dry your awning

While winterizing your RV, wax, clean and dry your awning. This three-step approach can help you ensure that awning doesn’t freeze over the winter and doesn’t build up a stack of mildew and mold. 

3. Get an RV skirt 

One of the most useful things to do is to get an RV skirt for your vehicle. The wrapping around will add a layer of protection to your RV, ensuring that the cold doesn’t go underneath your vehicle. It can make a massive difference to your protection, so make sure you purchase one as soon as possible. 

4. Remove & Replace your HVAC filters

The filters of your HVAC system (such as your air conditioner and heater) should be removed, cleaned and replaced before winter. The idea here is that there is no leftover water that will clog up or damage the RV when it gets super cold. 

5. Fully winterize your water system

Frozen pipes mean cracked pipes. So to avoid any of these pipes blowing out of your RV, make sure that you winterize your water systems, such as washing machine, dishwasher, ice machine, and bathroom. All you have to do is drain and flush out all the pipes (every last drop), and pour down antifreeze, so it clears it out. It should make sure your pipes are secure throughout the winter. 

6. Check all your locks and hinges 

This step is quick and easy, but just as important as the rest. Lubricate and check on all the locks and hinges of your vehicle before storing it away in an RV Storage in NE Calgary. This little step can ensure that your vehicle is locked tight and doesn’t break over the winter. 

7. Use a dehumidifier to avoid mould and mildew build-up

It is no surprise if you go checking on your RV now and then. If so, make sure you connect a dehumidifier to it to help minimize moisture damage in your RV. While it might be time-consuming, doing it now and then can prove highly beneficial. 

Make sure when you find an RV Storage in NE Calgary that it provides you with access to your vehicle whenever you want. That way, you can always check up on it to make sure that your vehicle is safe during winter. Also, you can make any additional winterization steps if you need them. 

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