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How To Protect Your RV Against Break-Ins

RVs can be easy targets for thieves, so whether you’re camping or staying indoors this winter, you need to take precautions to ensure that your vehicle is protected. Here is how you can go about keeping your RV secure against any potential break-ins. 

5 Tips To Protecting Your RV Against Thieves 

Research Where You’ll Store Your RV 

The first thing to do to protect your RV, if you are not travelling, is to make sure that you store it in a place that protects it with the best security possible. While keeping it outside your home is fine, finding an RV storage facility in NE Calgary can really make a difference. If you found a storage facility that provides state-of-the-art key code security, surveillance cameras, and has a full-time attendant, it means you know that the first barrier of your RV is secure. 

Buy Additional Locks

While the locks and security of your RV can withstand against any attempted break-ins, you should look to add specialized locks that can ensure your RV cannot be broken into by anyone. Make sure you take your time to purchase a highly-quality lock that provides that no tampering can be done to it. 

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Lock It Down 

RVs have been stolen in the past. Yes, that’s right, there are situations where RVs have been stolen right under the owners’ nose. Hooked up to a truck, the RV has been dragged away. 

The best two options to ensure that this does not happen, are a specialized hitch lock that will prevent thieves from hitching your trailer to their truck and driving it away, and wheel locks, which immobilizes the wheels of your RV. Get both, and your RV will be safe. 

Install Motion Sensor Light & An Alarm

There are two major installations to add to your RV. 

Firstly, add a motion sensor light to your trailer. Just like at facilities for RV & trailer storage in NE Calgary, a motion sensor light will go off when there is movement around the facility. The same approach can be used for your RV is there is movement outside it. You’ll be notified that someone is coming to your RV, while any potential intruders will be warned off.

Secondly, install an alarm. This extra step of security can ensure that your campervan is secure for the long term. If there is an attempted break-in or if there are potential threats outside, the alarm will go off, warning you and scaring off others. Such is the advancement of technology that you can even sync some models to your Smartphone, giving you 24/7 coverage. 

Minimize Temptations 

The idea of “out of sight, out of mind” applies to your RV when you’re travelling. You could find this thought useful when travelling. Eliminate any temptations around your RV or camping spot that can deter thieves. There are four ways to go about this: 

1. Pull the Shades Down
Close your shades and cover your windows as often as you can. It will ensure that anything inside your RV is not seen. 

2. Camp around other people
There is always safety in numbers, so make sure that when you’re out camping, you stay close to other people. 

3. Find a Secure RV storage spot
Even RV storage in Calgary is prone to break-ins. Make sure that you find a place that is protected and well-lit at all times. 

4. Get a Safe
Consider bringing a small safe to keep your valuables inside. This will act as another layer of protection for your RV. 

By following these five tips, you can ensure that your RV is adequately secured and protected this winter, whether you’re travelling or keeping it safe. Make sure you do what is possible to ensure that your vehicle is secure for the long-haul. 

Stow-Away RV Storage is Calgary’s premier RV storage location. Located just off Stoney and Deerfoot Trails, we have the space, and most importantly, the security to ensure that your RV is safe. We provide extra precautions to ensure that only you can access your RV, thanks to your personalized 24/7 card access. Our well-lite location is dust-free, with asphalt concrete parking, guaranteeing that your RV will always remain in top condition. With the best and most affordable prices in Calgary, we have everything you need. Call us today on (587) 438-3304.

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