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8 Winter RV Storage Tips In Calgary

Canadian winters can be harsh and unforgiving – even for your RV. 

But that doesn’t mean you should leave your RV to struggle through the winter. There are some actions you can take to make sure that your RV is protected and safe during the winter months. 

8 Tips To Protecting Your RV in Winter 

Find an RV storage facility in NE Calgary

Although you think that your home is the best place for your RV, that is not the case. When it comes to RV storage in Calgary, you should take it to a facility that provides you with everything that you need. 

RV storage facility

You will end up storing your RV in a location that is safe and secure (with extra security features like camera surveillance, keys codes and only provides you with access), has an attendant managing the site, and offers a wealth of services to winterize your RV when you need it the most. 

Drain Out all the Water from Your RV 

Make sure that you remove all the water from your RV before you store it away. Keeping it in your motorhome can cause problems down the line, as if the water freezes in your pipes or system, it can expand and explode. Make sure you remove water from the following: water heater, refrigerator and freezer, fresh water and waste water tanks, water pipes, plumbing system and interior/exterior fixtures and hoses. 

Clear out your engine of all oils

Take some time out to clear out your engine and remove any potential hazards. Leftover oils, for example, can cause corrosion in the winter that damages the engine. Change the oil and change out the oil filter before placing your vehicle into RV storage in NE Calgary. This clear-out will help protect your engine throughout winter. 

Make any Repairs to Your RV 

You don’t want any damages or issues with your RV getting worse as the weather gets colder. Minor cracks, seams or holes can let in cold water, which will freeze over time. Check the roof, the floor, the wheel wells, the windows and doors to make it is secured tightly. Make sure you take the time to make any repairs necessary to secure your RV for the long-haul. 

Add Layers of protection to Your RV 

While your RV storage facility in NE Calgary will provide you with the coverage you need, you should always look to add another layer of protection. Making sure that your RV is enclosed and covered will help it in the long-term. It’s why you should look to get two items: a cover tarp (to cover the whole vehicle); and an RV awning, which will cover the bottom of your RV. That way, you get full coverage. 

Disconnect Your Battery

The battery of your RV is more fragile than it appears, and replacing them can be expensive. But you can’t keep them in the cold as it if freezes, it will lose its power and become worthless by the time spring comes around. It is why you should disconnect your battery and keep it in a secure, safe, temperature-controlled place for the cold season. Reconnect it when you want to use it again, and give it some time to charge. 

Ensure Your RV is Pest-Free

Wintertime means birds, insects, and bugs will assault your RV for cover. Don’t let it become a nesting ground, so start to put up traps, pesticides, and sealant can help keep them out. You can also speak to the customer service agent at the RV storage facility in NE Calgary to make sure your RV is pest-free. 

Make regular to the RV Storage Site 

It is important not just to put your RV into storage and forget all about it. Make sure that you take the time out every month (or every few weeks) to schedule a visit to your RV. A quick stopover is enough to double-check if your RV needs any additional work or if something has gone wrong, and you need to make repairs. Scheduling periodic RV inspections throughout the cold season is a great way to ensure that RV will be perfect come wintertime. 

Stow-Away RV Storage is Calgary’s premier RV storage location. Located just off Stoney and Deerfoot Trails, we have the space, and most importantly, the security to ensure that your RV is safe. We provide extra precautions to ensure that only you can access your RV, thanks to your personalized 24/7 card access. Our well-lite location is dust-free, with asphalt concrete parking, guaranteeing that your RV will always remain in top condition. With the best and most affordable prices in Calgary, we have everything you need. Call us today on (587) 438-3304.

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