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8 RV Storage Security Tips

It is your home away from home, so just like you put all your effort into protecting your home, the same goes to your RV. You have to take extra steps to ensure that your RV is protected from top to bottom.

Read on to see how you ensure that your RV is protected going forward.

8 Tips Security Tips For RV Storage

1. Find The Perfect RV Storage Facility In NE Calgary

This one might seem obvious, but it is so vitally important that it should be mentioned again. Your RV is like your home, so when it comes to storing it, you must take the time out to find an RV storage facility in NE Calgary that provides you with the additional security you need. Whether you are keeping it there for the long-term or for a short time, getting it secure is important. Look for facilities that offer video surveillance, 24/7 key-code access (for members only), a well-lit fence and a full-time lot attendant on site. The more they have offered to you, the more protection you have for your RV.

2. Find A Suitable Location For RV Storage In Calgary

When it comes to looking for RV storage in Calgary, make sure that you look for one that is in a safe and secure location. You want it close to home, but also close to the highway to the Rocky Mountains.  This way, regardless of what time of year you are storing your RV, you will be able to get it and head out into the wild.

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3. Buy Insurance

You will be surprised at how often people tell us that they did not have insurance for their RV. The next moment it’s stolen or broken into, and they can’t claim anything. Do your research and purchase RV insurance from a reliable company. This will ensure that if anything is ever stolen from your RV that will be able to claim the insurance for it. Without it, you’re taking a risk. 

4. Install An Alarm
While nothing will happen to your motorhome when it is locked up in RV storage in Calgary, it is essential to prepare for your next trip by getting an alarm installed. There are special alarms that are designed for RVs that can make a huge difference. You can even go so far as to sync it to your smartphone! Talk about getting extra protection!

5. Research Where You’re Going

Driving aimlessly into a camping site without any idea on what type of protection you’ll be getting is a cause for concern. Read reviews about camping grounds and see if there are any potential issues. Choose one with well-lit areas, covers and security gates. It is not going to be as heavily fortified as a proper RV storage in Calgary, but it is important that it has these things. 

6. Buy A Coupler Lock

A specialized lock that attaches to your trailer’s hitch, the coupler lock can prevent thieves from hitching your RV to their truck and towing it away. It is an affordable measure of protection and simple to use, as it will keep your RV hooked up regardless of where you are. It is a worthwhile investment that can pay in the long run. 

7. Light Up Your Site 

 Add motion-sensor lights to your RV so when anything or anyone walks past it, the motion will trigger off. It works on two levels. First, if you’re inside the RV, you will be alerted to anyone trying to get close. Secondly, if you’re not in the RV, the light sensor will scare off intruders who think you’re inside. It’s a simple addition that can work wonders. If you want to find quality motion sensors, you can speak to an expert at an RV storage facility in NE Calgary for advice.  

8. Remove Temptations So Stop Thieves 

If you had something of value in your car, would you just it leave it exposed so that everyone can see it – and tempt them to break in? It is always good practice to hide all your expensive and desirable items from your RV and store them away. It will lessen the temptation of thieves being enticed to break into your RV to steal stuff. Another idea would be to close your blinds, so nothing gets through. 

Stow-Away RV Storage is Calgary’s premier RV storage location. Located just off Stoney and Deerfoot Trails, we have the space, and most importantly, the security to ensure that your RV is safe. We provide extra precautions to ensure that only you can access your RV, thanks to your personalized 24/7 card access. Our well-lite location is dust-free, with asphalt concrete parking, guaranteeing that your RV will always remain in top condition. With the best and most affordable prices in Calgary, we have everything you need. Call us today on (587) 438-3304. 

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