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5 Tips To Protecting Your Boat For Winter

If you’ve got a boat, the hardest time of the year to care for it is coming: winter. 

Winter in Calgary can be very destructive for boats. If you don’t take the right steps to protect it, you could end up ruining your valuable recreational asset. All the time and money you’ve spent on it can go to waste. Your insurance might not even cover you if you have damaged your boat in winter, as it could be your responsibility to protect it. 

It is therefore imperative that you take the right steps to protect your boat in winter. Whether you’re a pro or a newbie, here are five steps to help you protect your boat for the wintertime.

1. Choose The Right Storage Facility 

If you want to provide your boat with pure security and protection in wintertime in Calgary, then look towards putting it in a facility for boat storage in NE Calgary. These facilities are designed to keep your boat in a safe spot, as well as a guarantee that you don’t have any theft or break-ins. Your boat will be kept free from pests, damage, and theft thanks to a full-time attendant on site, and a keycode access just for you. 

In some cases, these facilities will help prepare your boat for winter by taking care of winterization and cleaning. Just speak to the boat storage facility in NE Calgary for more information.

Even though your boat will be well protected, it is always good to go check up on it now and then. This way, if anything needs to be changed or updated, you can do it on the spot instead of waiting until summer. 

As winter draws closer, you shouldn’t wait around before it’s too late. Letting it go until the last minute will mean you’ll miss out on getting a spot. Be quick about it and book your spot at an RV storage in NE Calgary so you can get the protection and space for your body. 

2. Wipe Down Your Boat To Prevent Deterioration

Before you decide to store away your boat, make sure that you thoroughly clean and dry it for the long winter months. 

Firstly, clean all the dirt and muck off your boat so that there is nothing left on it. Wash all sides of the boat, clean the hardware and trim, and wipe down windscreens and hoods. The cleaner your boat, the fewer issues you’ll have in the future. 

Secondly, wipe down the interior and exterior of the boat, so there’s no sitting water in it, as that will freeze come wintertime. It is especially important to dry your engine so that there is no water in it. 

Doing this will give an added layer of protection to your boat for the winter. 

3. Winterizing Your Boat Motor 

While you can get the RV storage in NE Calgary to do this for you, you can also do it yourself if you want to save the time. You must winterize your motor – but it depends on the type of engine you have. 

For outboard motors, after you’ve done the cleaning as we have suggested, disconnect the fuel hose until it stops running. Once the fuel is drained out, use fogging oil in the cylinders to lubricate the cylinder walls and pistons, before applying water-resistant grease to the propeller shaft. 

boat storage-calgary

For indoor motors, after you’ve cleaned it, flush the engine with fresh water and then circulate antifreeze throughout the engine. Start the engine and allow the antifreeze to circulate until water starts to exit the exhaust. Then, remove the spark plugs and use fogging oil for each cylinder. Finally, wipe it down. 

Make sure you winterize your motor so it will run smoothly when you start it up again in the summer.

4. Fuel Up Your Boat To Prevent Condensation Buildup

Be sure that you before you store your boat, that you fill it up the tank. You might think it’s strange as to put liquid in your boat as the weather cools down, but it’s a smart way to avoid a buildup of condensation.

5. Remove Everything Important On It 

While you’re cleaning it, you should take the time to remove all important and valuable accessories that can impact the running and quality of your boat. Once you remove them, store them at a safe place at home. Here is what you should be removing from your boat: 

  • Your battery 
  • Portable electronics
  • Lifejackets
  • Dock lines
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Flares
  • Ski ropes

Prepare For Your boat storage in NE Calgary

By following some of the above suggestions, you should be in good shape for the winter. Do not, however, neglect to consult talk to the manufacturer or an expert at your boat storage in NE Calgary for some insider information about your boat in particular. It can make the difference for you to having a beautiful or a destroyed boat come summertime. 

Stow-Away RV Storage is Calgary’s premier RV storage location. Located just off Stoney and Deerfoot Trails, we have the space, and most importantly, the security to ensure that your RV is safe. We provide extra precautions to ensure that only you can access your RV, thanks to your personalized 24/7 card access. Our well-lite location is dust-free, with asphalt concrete parking, guaranteeing that your RV will always remain in top condition. With the best and most affordable prices in Calgary, we have everything you need. Call us today on (587) 438-3304.

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